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  • Theresa Qreitem - VCU Student Student

How to mediate between two people who don’t get along?

Arguments between coworkers can be pretty frustrating and cause a stressful

environment in the work place. The tension that it causes could distract not only the people disputing, but other coworkers around them from focusing on their job. A mediator is someone who prevents the situation from escalating and finds a resolution for both parties. Sometimes people can be caught up in the middle of their coworker’s argument, so it is a valuable lesson to

understand how to mediate the condition.

The first step to mediate is to remember that no matter what happens you need to remain calm and focus on the big picture, which is resolving the situation. Next, you have to make sure that you listen to understand and sympathize with all parties independently. No one is going to value your advice if you start off with a biased opinion. After that, you’re going to bring everyone together and help them sympathize with each other. For each person, explain where their behavior was tasteful and not in a positive/encouraging manner as a chance to fix their mistakes and grow together. No one is ever to blame because it takes two people to cause an argument. Attack the problem at hand rather than the individuals as that would only worsen the situation. It is also important to make sure that people stay on track of problem at hand because people get off topic like bringing up unrelated situations which again only hurts the condition. In the end, the main goal is to find a compromise that everyone is on board with.


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