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Marcy's Monday Minute: I Have Not Received an Acceptance Letter – Now What?

So, it’s been weeks and you still have not received the college acceptance letter – don’t get discouraged. Now is the time to keep moving forward. Did you know that there are over 5,000 colleges in theUS– so, 1 letter not received should not stop your plan to attend college.

First thing I need you to do is to not give up and to stay positive. This is a test of your endurance and commitment to your dream.

Secondly, talk to your career coach about options. KaKY is a great place to start by posting your question. A career coach will help you with your issues regarding college, applying and next steps. You should also talk to your guidance department or counselor – you would be surprised at the number of counselors that have contacts at various colleges.

Next, continue applying. Honestly, you should apply for several colleges at one time – but, if

you only applied for one, then look for those whose application deadlines have not passed and apply.

Contact the school and inquire to the status of your application. Sometimes, it can be something as simple as you forgot to initial a box to maybe one reference letter is missing.

Finally, apply to another college (it may not be the one you want to attend at that time) and then re-apply to the one you do want to attend. You may need to transfer schools, but at least you will not miss any school time waiting.

Remember the odds of 10 – for every 10 applications, 1 will respond – so apply to at least 100 and you are almost guaranteed to get 10 responses. Good Luck and as always you can contact me on my social network at with specific questions.


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