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  • KaKY Contributor: Felicia Meadows

Youth Are the Hope for Our Future

When you turn on the television or listen to the news, you hear stories of juveniles committing heinous crimes against each other, teens neglecting their parental responsibilities or just youth behaving badly in general . With so called role models like hip hop artists and athletes to emulate; you would think that their generation is lost. Unfortunately, these are the images that the media would have you believe represent our youth. For example, the misconception that there are more young men of color who are incarcerated versus those attending college fuels some of these beliefs. This is simply not true based on data. In 2013, the National Center for Educational Statistics reported there were 1,437,363 young black men enrolled in college. During that same year, the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Prisoner Statistics Program reported that there were 219,660 Black males in local jails and 526,000 Black males in state or federal prison, totaling approximately 745,000 who were incarcerated. Perceptions like these are what perpetuates the idea that our young people are hopeless. While there are some young people who are disillusioned and mislead by what they see and hear, the majority of them have dreams and aspirations that go far beyond wanting to be the next NBA player or reality TV star. They desire to be the next President of the United States or lead research to find a cure for cancer. This is evidenced by the impact that’s being made by such young activists like Malala Yousafzai or Ahmed Mohamed a future inventor.


Ms. Felicia Meadows currently works as a Professional School Counselor. She has worked in the field of education for almost 20 years and has experience at each level from elementary to high school. In addition to being a counselor, Ms. Meadows is also a youth coach. She uses her skills and experiences efficiently to empower students to create fulfilling educational and life experiences, which embodies her motto “Step Up Your Life”. As the Founder and CEO of Tomorrow’s Future College and Career Readiness Services. Ms. Meadows helps young people discover their passion and purpose so that they can create the life of their dreams.

Ms. Meadows earned both her Bachelor of Science Psychology Degree and Master of Education Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Bowie State University and studied with the Institute for Life Coach Training to become a Life Coach. She has taken coursework in Urban Education from Johns Hopkins University to enhance her skills working with diverse populations. Ms. Meadows has been a member of Congresswoman Donna Edwards’s Education Committee since the 2102-2103 school year and served as a moderator for the Congresswoman’s 2012 and 2015 Annual College Fair. She also serves as both panelist and facilitator at conferences, summits, workshops and symposiums with topics ranging from College and Careers to turning your Dreams to Reality.

Ms. Meadows was spotlighted in 2012 on the Careers in Psychology website for her interview on her role as a School Counselor. In addition to being spotlighted, she has also written numerous articles and been featured through media. Two of her accomplishments include working in 2014 as part of a collaboration as a contributing author of the book, “Congratulations You Just Lost Your Job” and the anthology “Fabulous New Life” which was released in early 2015. Her latest book “From Dreams to Reality: 21 Tips for Teens” was published in 2017.

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