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  • Oliver Smith - VCU Student

I Don't Like Your Social Media Photo

Generation Z brings an interesting dynamic to society we have yet to fully experience because of the advanced technologies we possess. Our lines of communication have never been stronger as human beings in terms of reaching out to people. Otherwise, our real-life, non-virtual interpersonal interactions have suffered in terms of substance. There will be a pandemic of stiff necks if Generation Z do not pick up their heads to look around at life.

Relationships are extremely fragile and must be taken care of to ensure our happiness. Technology has completely morphed how relationships are viewed in today’s Generation Z. There was a story from Italy where a young boy from a mob family killed his friend because the friend “liked” his girlfriend’s picture on Facebook. This is obviously an extreme case, but take a more toned down approach. Imagine you are on Facebook and your best friend stops talking to you because you liked his girlfriend’s picture. Hearing of an occurrence such as this one will even shock most millennials whom experienced the first surge of technology/internet.

Evaluating the effects on their school work is much more difficult because the access to information is endless, which means learning is endless. On the other side, the internet is filled with a lot of distractions. It is important for this generation to have the best technology but to enhance the human experience, not remove it. Each day the human experience becomes a little less human with each head down and conversation missed.

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