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  • Jerry Lee (Contributing Writer)

Wisdom Found in the Storm

Now I'm at the park reflecting on my week understanding my process and what I need to fix traveling through my life understanding how to appreciate the storm and what it means to my growth... More than most the storm is the place to be, because when it's All said and done you are a new person... That's only if you're a thinker and a appreciator of God's process". So when you're in your storm and onlookers playing fix it, tell'em I'm good, God got me, because all I have to do is pay attention.

As a young man I never knew patience, nor did I know life. As I grew I began to understand the power of understanding. My past was the best set up for my future. I learned to understand that my mistakes would benefit my future, so I sit in the park to reflect on my past, and to make my future work better. Life will deal you a hand, but what you do with it is on you and only you... So allow your past to have the power to show you how to grow...

Time is on your side youngster, fix it before you can not... I was blessed, I spent 23 yrs. In prison, but I came home to create a new life by using my past as a guide to know what not to do in life. So please understand "The storms will make you great, but the wisdom that you learn in the storm will make you wise...

One Luv

~Jerry Lee~


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