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  • Camille Horne - VCU Student

Generation Z a Bit Techy

Generation Z includes anyone born around 1995 or later and this means they experienced 9/11, along with the subsequent Great Recession, as children. Those falling into the Generation Z category have grown up in a world focused on shifting gender roles and greater racial diversity, even more so than for previous generations. As traditional gender roles continue to transition and progress, Generation Z students may discover the ideas of conventional households and orthodox relationships to be challenging.

According to an article by the digital design company, Ideas In Digital, Generation Z is focused on the future and believes they can, and will, make a difference in the world. Generation Z’s “do it yourself” mentality and extensive experience in crowdsourcing has led them to become hard-working and driven, which has prompted social entrepreneurship to become one of their more popular career choices.

Generation Z eagerly shares information and looks to the internet to answer questions or find help with creative ideas. Communications for Generation Z rely on videos and images while engaging broad multi-tasking abilities, even if their attention spans tend to be shorter than for prior generations. Generation Z students prefer succinct messages to engaging in lengthy discussions and would rather utilize symbols to convey thoughts or ideas. While Generation Z may prefer efficiency by using images or fewer words to communicate, their ability to connect and relate with others is unwavering. Baby Boomers yearned for equal rights and opportunities, Generation X desired independence and self-reliance, and Millennials dreamed of achievement and ideals of a global community; Generation Z combines the best values of these preceding generations.

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