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Marcy's Monday Minute: Why Do I Need to Go to College??

Whew, I’ve graduated, no more school – I’m free!!! Congratulations for your success. Now, its time for college – yippee!!!

Oh, you’re probably saying to yourself, more school? Yep, that’s right – think of it – aren’t you excited? Well, you will be after I tell you all that college can do for you and your life…

  • Did you know by going to college you will gain 10 times more skills than you currently have.

  • You will have more job opportunities because college graduates are given opportunities that the average person may not get.

Money!!! We all want money. On average someone that spends a minimum of 2 years in college will earn $250,000 more in a lifetime that a person that does not go to college. Ok, you did not hear me – OVER A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS MORE!!!

  • College can also help you in not only gaining knowledge in that particular subject, but also increase your ability to think, analyze and make better decisions.

  • Your potential is more easily identifiable and you can now work toward establishing personal goals, get involved in the community and explore other areas you may not have know you had any kind of interest in whatsoever.

One thing I want you to keep in mind, you MUST have an education to be successful. Whether it’s a 4-year college, community college, trade school, certification program – you must expand your knowledge, gain skills and learn, learn, learn…

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