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Why? The Kids. Enough Said!

Failing SOL scores
  • Discouraged about what the future holds

  • Current economy - watching mothers and fathers fight to pay the bills

  • Murders of countless black teens in the streets.

  • Storms, wars, threats of wars, tsunami, hurricanes, earth quakes

  • Social media bullying, desensitizing of the emotional and psychological state of the mind sets.

  • Or worse, the 2016 Presidential race???

When I think about all the illnesses that plague our world, I think about the future

of our youth and equate the issues above to that of CANCER. Breaking down the inner spirits of our teens. Dream by dream, hope by hope - like cells. Working to destroy the fiber of our future.

How are we supposed to keep our youth on the right track? We often tell them, "it will be ok, we went through the same thing at their age". No we did not! We did not have social media or the live streaming of murder (not fiction - this is not Hawaii5-0). No, live and in color death, parents overdosing on heroin while their child sits in a car seat. How about the racial unrest. Sure, we had similar experiences, but the difference is we had parents that prepared us - that made us strong! Most youth today are now being raised by grandparents too old to relate to their struggle. Maybe they are being raised by a parent that is only 15 years older
than themselves.

Oh, don't let me get started on mental illness, depression, verbal and physical abuse and poverty. Children going to school hungry and unable to focus because their last meal was lunch time the day before. Summer school - only an option if you can pay - so where do they find a meal? Mental illness due to poor living conditions, limited healthy food options, no personal hygiene and loneliness.
Living in a modern day prison with no walls. The NEW definition of PTSD
People, we need to come together to rebuild our communities and to save our CHILDREN!!!

So, When asked why ?

I say the kids - so why not!

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