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Marcy's Monday Minute: "Dump the Dead Weight"

It's hard to soar like eagles when surrounded by buzzards. If you're on the ground trying to take off to fly, the buzzards will try to block your flight.

For example, when the eagle kills it's prey, it lands to eat it. By that time, the buzzards have surrounded the prey to eat. The eagle has to work harder to get past the buzzards. 1 Eagle vs 7 Buzzards. How does the eagle win? Get rid of the dead weight.

Fly high enough so they can't reach you. Buzzards will chase the dead so the eagle can fly high.

This applies to life. As a business owner, we are often surrounded by people that want to take what we have worked so hard to accomplish. I hear people say all the time "they stole my idea". Sometimes, that idea is not meant for you. Maybe you were

tasked with the hunt and kill, but the feast was for your enemy.

So, don't think of the loss of what appeared to be a great idea, even you've planned or business venture as a negative thing. It may be that God wanted you to drop the dead weight, alllow your enemies to feast and for you to soar to greater heights.

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